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Wire Mesh Belt

Wire mesh belts are lightweight, easy to handle and quick to install. Can be supplied with an open area up to 85%.

Wire mesh belts make ideal beltings for breading, cooling, drying, frying, coating and other processing applications.

Compound belts feature raised points or spans on the belt carrying surface. Most commonly used to move product up or down and incline, they are also used to minimize contact points by holding products off the belt surface or to create a trough.

Compound wire belts are available in a variety of shapes, heights, widths and spacing locations.

Balanced belts feature crimped rod construction, is an economical weave with high tensile strength and minimal tendency to creep to either side on the drive pulley.


Compound balanced wire belt has right and left spirals fitted closely together for a smooth dense weave, making it excellent for conveying very fine or small products, as well as unstable or top-heavy items.


Double balanced wire belt consists of pairs of interlaced right and left-hand spirals, is suitable for cold working, medium and high temperature applications.


Reinforced wire belts with rod forms two stable triangular openings, rather than quadrilateral mesh, creating an efficient construction for belts operating at high temperatures. Rod reinforced belts also provide a 100% increase in tensile strength over conventional weave, with minimum elongation and width contraction.


Conventional wire belt is fabricated by weaving a spiral into the preceding one forming a continuous fabric.

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