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Wall Spike

Wall spike made of sheets with blade has smart designs and excellent frightening effects.

WireMesh.Org Members can manufacture wall spikes of various length and heights. Bird barrier spikes make the first and most successful bird control materials. They can protect all types of surfaces from all species of pest birds and climbing animals.

Wall spikes have proven to be the most effective reliable and humane bird control for all bird species. It is easy to be installed along the walls.

Decorative designs for the roofing and walls to protect it against the attack of birds.
Suitable sites:
Other places.

Materials: Galvanized or stainless steel.
Features: Steel wall spikes with zinc coatings or stainless steel barrier spikes ensure a long service life and corrosion resistance.

Also using of wall spikes to keep the birds away is economy and effective means. This stainless steel bird spike is designed to deter pigeons and seagulls. No other materials or any maintenance is necessary.

Wall spikes can be installed quickly on all types of surfaces to deter pigeons and seagulls from landing and roosting it consists of a spring tensioned uv coated stainless steel wire installed at different heights.

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Huatong Wall Spikes Co.

Wall Spike Security Fence Supplier: Stainless Steel Wall Spikes, Plastic Wall Spikes & Galvanized Spikes.


Welcome to browse among the wall spikes, bird spikes, security spikes and fences products offered by Huatong. Huatong Wall Spikes Co. was established in 2001 for the manufacture and export of anti climb wall spikes and metal fence security systems. Since we began manufacturing razor wire spikes, we have concentrated on developing manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of wall spikes for castle security, wall security and fencing toppings.

We consider it our mission to continue to supply security and cost-effective wall spike fences based on reasonable prices and high reliability. Meeting client needs and closely following market trends, we are committed to providing top quality products at competitive prices through market-oriented business and manufacture with high priority to quality.

Successful ISO-9001 certification

Huatong strengthens its commitment to Quality and Environment.
We have successfully established a certified Quality according to standard ISO 9001:2000.
The top management is committed to continuous development of the quality management system. Four points are of essential importance:

1) Customer Satisfaction
2) Competitiveness
3) Quality Consciousness
4) Environmental Responsibility




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