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Sintered Filter Wire Cloth

Sintered filter wire cloth is a plate type filter medium consisting of five different layers of mesh, sintered together under heat and pressure. Sintered wire cloth offers significantly better performance data and properties when compared with conventional wire filter meshes. 
Sintered wire cloth offers optimum flow rates and excellent cleanability /backwashing properties.

Sintered wire mesh, two to three layer laminate has additional compression of the surface area and has become a permeable steel membrane.
Sintered wire cloth with two layer laminate consisting of a fine square weave mesh or filter cloth and a support layer of square weave mesh makes ideal material for medium mechanical load requiring optimum backwash capabilities. Reduced number of layers achieves minimum pressure drop together with excellent backwash performance. This type is ideal for CIP filtration (Cleaning In Place) for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  


Multi-layer, plate type filter media
Extremely high mechanical stability
Excellent strength and rigidity
Backwashing or chemical cleaning 
Easy to fabricate


Filtration of highly viscous fluids, pressure filtration, centrifuges, fluid bed applications, aeration of silos, bulk goods, biotechnology.
Extensively in liquid and gas filtration for its optimum flow and backwash capabilities.
Developed specifically for the transportation and fluid of powdered bulk goods.
For separation of solids and liquids. Surface filtration for powder separation, sieve bases, hydraulic filters, backwash filters (also automated), fabricated into baskets for small components.
Spray driers, drying equipment, baskets for cleaning machinery and filter drums for cooling and lubricating equipment.

5 to 75 µm absolute filter rating
As discs from Ø 10 to 4000 mm 
Optional flat shapes 
As cylinders and cones 
With cut or fused edges

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