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Wire Mesh Fence

Wire fences, welded or woven, provide good guarding and visibility than other barriers.
Fence fabrics used can be made of a variety of metal materials and diversified styles for protecting or isolation of field, area, sites, articles and animals.

Wire Mesh Fence for machine guard:
The wire mesh guard fence is always on duty, unaffected by power outages or electrical problems. Once erected, our fence restricts access to the work cell and prevents employees from casually wandering into an area where they may be injured by automated equipment.

Wire fence will not interrupt robotic operations through mischievous or inadvertent contact. It doubles as a potential safety net by helping to contain objects thrown or ejected by a malfunctioning robot.

Fences made of woven wire or welded wire can create secure space for storage and work in process.

Major Applications:
For security areas, to prevent pilferage, to enclose work areas, and to create customized, accessible security areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Great for stock rooms and other secure locations.

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