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Fence Panel

Light type wire mesh panels or sheets are used as fence panels in barrier systems. WireMesh.Org members supply quality fence panels for farmers, cattle fence, field fence and ranch fence systems at economic cost.
Technical Treatment:
Thanks to a specially developed technology, carbon steel wire coated with zinc can be made into very durable fence panels, by the means of weaving or welding.

The wire diameter and tensile strength:
Horizontal: 3.00 mm-600/800 N / mm 2
Upper / lower: 3.00 mm-400/550 N / mm 2

Fence Sizes:
Panel Length: 50 m or custom sizes
Width: Varied.

Small opening fence panels are for building of fences for sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese and other small birds.

Most of the panels for fences are made of welded steel wire fabrics zinc coated.

Panels can also be expanded metal sheets of various openings or chain link fabrics.

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