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Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

Wire mesh belts make the premier material for the major conveyor applications.

Wire conveyor belt is made of various metals which will withstand both atmospheric and chemical corrosion, or of any alloy which will resist heat treating furnace temperatures. To eliminate any danger of product contamination, stainless steel wire belts are recommended.

Seven basic constructions with different mesh openings ranges and wire gauges are available. Specific openings can be selected to suit the product treatment. Belt weight, tensile strength and carrying capacity can be controlled by selecting the correct specification.

Popular Styles:
Balanced wire belt;
Compound wire belt;
Compound balanced belt;
Rod strengthened wire belt.

Balanced wire belt featuring crimped wire construction makes the economical belt with high tensile strength and minimal tendency to creep to either side on the drive pulley.

Industries served:

  • Food Industry – Conveying, washing, blanching, drying, frying, freezing, baking, cooling, wrapping, packing, canning, bottling etc.

  • Heat Treatment - Brazing, bluing, hardening, washing, degreasing, pickling, sintering, quenching, rinsing, tempering, drawing, enameling, etc.

  • Ceramics and Glass Industries - Annealing, decorating, sanding etc.

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