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Binding Wire

Binding wires are made from a wide range of materials: stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, annealed wire and redrawing wire. Used for gardens, plant tying, flower supporting, wreath binding and other tying application.

Forms of supply include loop tie wire, rebar tie wire, coil wire, cut wire and spooled wire.

Stainless Steel Binding Wire is used widely in our daily life. AISI (SUS) 304 is the most popular one while AISI (SUS) 316 stainless steel wire has better corrosion-resistant.

Redrawing wire(Soft annealed wire)has good elongation, suitable for other manufactures in the lines of filament drawing, producing fine spring wire, acupuncture wire and pressed wires, etc

When the reeled wire is used in wrapping of wreaths for decoration, it can be called wreath binding wire. Wrapping wire is ideal for securing foliage, flowers, berries, pine cones and other accessories.

Binding wire is galvanized or stainless steel or pvc coated. When it is used as building wire, it is normally plain steel or electro galvanized and supplied in big coils or packages. In construction, it is used for reinforcing of bars. When used in family or gardens, it is normally spooled or coiled around the reels also it can be plastic coated into beautiful colors like green, grey, yellow, etc.

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