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Barbed Tape

Barbed tape makes firm obstacles against intrusions for sites and places where protection is needed. With strong barbs or razor blades, it offers good fencing at low cost. Barbed tape wire is popularly used in general fencing, military uses and site security.

Mechanical Properties:
• Spacing between the barb: 4 "and 5".
• Barbed wire of 0, 2 and 4 points.
• Resistance to the breakdown: 436 kg.

Barbed tape wire is supplied in rolls or packages of 28, 30 and 34 kgs. In 2 and 4 points.

To narrow perimeter and / or internally land, ranches, livestock, pasture, fences protection on the roads, highways.

Barbed Tape Benefits:
• Galvanized brilliant.
• Sharp
• Low cost
• Easy to install

Galvanized wire for making of barbed tape is zinc coated and offers good strength and corrosion resistance. Barbed wire can also be pvc coated.

Twisting Forms for Barbed Tape can be single twisted, double twisted or traditional twisted.

Barbed tape is normally used together with chain link fence or other fencing fabrics to form a barrier system, used in protective fencing and demarcation of spaces agriculture, livestock, residential, fences, perimeter, cages, warehouses, parking lots, etc..

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