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Wire Mesh for Entranceway Door Mat

We can custom make wire mesh doormats to fit any size rough opening.
Doormats can be constructed of stainless steel wire welded together offering great durability and maintenance free.

Stainless steel wire mesh door mats have big load capacity and are made with slot openings. It can easily leave your dirt at the door and work as an entranceway floor mats.

Wire mesh mat is a self cleaning, virtually indestructible floor mat for your entrance way. Unlike traditional floor mats made of rubber and/or other fibers, wire mesh mattress is a stainless steel screen which allows dirt and debris to pass through while keeping the surface clean. Stainless steel construction makes it durable, rust free and easy to keep clean.

We have a large selection of wear resistant and elegant indoor and outdoor entrance mats to create a nice appearance in your facility. We offer anti-slip mats for wet environment such as commercial kitchens and anti fatigue mats to keep your employee comfortable throughout the day.

Wire mesh door mats are ideal for fitting irregularly shaped work areas, hotels, office buildings and retail locations, as entrance mats or welcome mattresses.

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