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Woven Wire Cloth for Filtration Media

Woven Wire Cloth is also known as fine woven wire mesh and wire gauze.
The various applications where Woven Wire Cloth is used include filtration, ventilation, fireguards, fly screens and speaker grilles.

Plain Dutch Weave Wire Cloth

Dutch weave is a name applied to wire cloths which are woven from 2 different diameter wires. The warp wire is usually larger and runs the length of the cloth as woven. The shute wire is smaller and runs across the width of the cloth. Plain Dutch weaves can handle high flow rates with relatively low pressure drop. As with all Dutch weaves, the opening on the surface of the cloth is smaller than the opening through the cloth. This means that more contaminants will be trapped on the surface, making backwashing more efficient.

Twill Dutch Weave Wire Cloth for Filtration

The term "Twill" indicates the warp and weft wires pass alternately over and under two wires. The finest particle size retention possible in wire cloth is found in the Twill Dutch weave. Because of their construction, Dutch weave and Twill Dutch weave have greater durability than square weaves but have less open area.

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