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Stainless Steel Screen

Stainless steel screen is available in a comprehensive range and available for use in various applications.

There are four main types:

Woven wire stainless steel screen;
Perforated metal screen in stainless steel;
Crimped stainless steel screen.
Crimped screen can be made into the following major styles:
Flat top screens
The top face of the screen is flat and therefore offers optimum supporting surface for the overlying mesh. The underside consists of offsets which will not impede the through flow of the filtrate.


Double crimped screens
Double crimped screens are symmetrical in construction. The top faces and undersides are identically offset.


Special design
Double crimped screens with square wire in weft direction, round wire in warp direction


Intermediate crimped screens
There are more offsets used in this design to give greater stability to the backing mesh.  However, only every third or fifth offset has a cross wire.  This provides a greater number of support points for the overlying mesh, giving a more open sieving area.



Stainless steel backing mesh for fine filter cloths offering a higher surface loading capability;
Sieving and sizing support screen for fine wire cloths and other filter media, enclosures, architectural applications;
Decorative and design products and applications in interior design;
Interior design, backing mesh and profiling, protection against impact.

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