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Metal Mesh

Stainless steel woven mesh and perforated metal mesh are effective means of filtration and is used to separate, sift or sift through different kinds of products, and can be used in any industries.

WireMesh.Org Members can produce different types of wire mesh fabrics and metal sheets, which have special characteristics, making them suitable for specific uses.

How to measure metal mesh:

The measure that is used is "MESH" that means number of openings per linear inch. Starting from the centre of a wire, calculate the number of openings per inch length. When the wire mesh is specified as a fractional part of an inch, it represents the opening or free space between the wires.

Besides woven metals, expanded metal mesh and perforated metal mesh are another two major metal sheets with mesh openings for various industry uses. Metal sheets perforated give a touch of elegance and distinction.

Perforated sheet is a very valuable metal mesh for process: filtration, separation, equalization, compensation, among others. It is used for example in the agricultural industry (separation of grains), food, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, grindings, laboratories, etc.

The perforated metal foil finds great application in the decoration and display of goods, ornamental applications ranging from furniture and office supplies, ceiling, office divisions, ventilation windows or walls, lighting, decoration up in buildings of great design.

To order, please indicate:
Metal Material (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc..);
Wire diameter or sheet thickness;
Sizes of roll or plates
Mesh patterns and opening size: round, diamond, slotted, decorative, etc.

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