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Security Mesh

Perforated stainless steel mesh provides an impenetrable barrier for the doors. The perforated holes bring the effect of a slightly tinted window view and complete security.

Stainless Steel Security Mesh is used where further security for the door is needed, or where the door design is of a more open pattern.

Perforated patterns for the security mesh: Round, diamond, cross, slotted or decorative openings.

Materials: Stainless steel 304, or stainless steel 316.

Perforated metal mesh thickness: Can be custom made to meet specific requirements.
Metal mesh length and width: According the door size requirements.
Different perforated metal applications in different countries with different customers require different solutions. Flexibility is therefore the key to our success.

There are abundant choices of patterns and hole sizes. The manufacturing capabilities include a vast array of materials – perforated aluminum, perforated stainless steel, brass, titanium, and others. Parts in coil, sheets or as completely fabricated parts can be supplied.

Material thickness:
Thinner materials typically perforate easier and faster, and are often less expensive. The right material thickness provides sufficient strength to the product while allowing the perforating of the desired hole size.

Hole size:
In general it is advisable to use a hole size larger than the metal thickness. The closer the hole size and material thickness come to a 1 to 1 ratio, the more difficult and expensive the process is. Dependent on the material type, smaller hole size to material ratios can be achieved. Contact your Sales Representative to discuss your special requirements.

Hole shape and pattern of the security mesh:
It is more economical to choose one of the available patterns, although special hole sizes and patterns can be accommodated at additional cost.

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