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Mesh Panels

The wire forming mesh panels are treated with the process of galvanizing, which adds a thick layer of zinc to the wire. This way, the zinc coated mesh panels have better corrosion resistance.
Mesh panels can be zinc coated or plastic coated. Galvanized zinc coated mesh panel is generally used in reinforcement while plastic coated mesh panel is mostly used in fencing systems as fence fabrics.

Materials used for making of panels include galvanized steel wire, pvc coated steel wire or other metals.

High steel wire galvanized ensures the mechanical properties for application.

Welded Mesh Panel
Welded mesh panels have uniform opening of wire, firm structures and great strength.
The panels are protected with a generous layer of zinc coating for industrial uses.

• Resistance to the tension: 57kg/mm2 minimum.
• Limit the creep: 50kg/mm2 minimum.
• Reduce area: 30% minimum.
• Elongation at break in 10 diameters 6% minimum.

Forms of Supply:
SHEET: 2.5mx 6.0m (15m2). Adjustable agree to the request. Grid: 6 "x 6".

• Floors, walls, streets, sidewalks, pavement, canals, tunnels, vaults.

Galvanized Wire Mesh Panels:
Resistance to the tension: Soft. 50kg/mm2 (max).

Forms of Supply:
In sheets.

• Resist the corrosion.
• Good mechanical properties.
• Easy to bend and flatten. •
Finishing uniform and shiny.

Steel Structural Concrete Panel
This kind of mesh panel is built to withstand an impact to the wall in their horizontal and vertical joints in a mass of 50 kg pendulum to a height of 2.20 mt and an angle of 45 degrees, with no separation on both sides and a double deflection instant no more 10 mm and recover completely after impact.

• Reduce the workforce by up to 32%. • Allows build up to three levels.
• It lasts more than 100 years as concrete.
• The hydraulic and electrical installations are integrated, from the black book.
• Resist earthquakes and hurricanes. • Insulation heat, moisture and noise.

• You do not need castles or chains reinforcements.

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