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Mesh Fence

WireMesh.Org members supply woven wire fence, welded wire fences and series metal fencing products from China. A variety of wire mesh fabrics can be used with fencings. The mostly used mesh fabrics are chain link fence, welded wire, woven wire, hexagonal wire netting and expanded metal mesh.

We have many types of wire fabrics and a number of fencing styles for your choice. In order to protect the mesh fencing from weather, most wire mesh we supply is galvanized or plastic coated. The thicker the galvanized coating on the wires, the better the degree of protection is.

We can help choose the type of mesh fences according to your needs. Our fences are mostly used as:
Field Fence
Cattle Fence
Garden Fence
Horse Fence
Deer Fence
Railway Fence
Security Fence
Residential Fence
Partition Fence
Temporary Fence
Other Fences.

Materials Applied: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Other Metals.

In one word, all the fences with openings you can call it mesh fences, and we can supply them with a variety of mesh opening, wire diameter and panel sizes.

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