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Expanded Mesh

Expanded metal can be used in many metal works and it is determined from the following terms:
1.   Strand: Form the sides of the expanded metal design opening
2.   Bond: Where the strands intersect
3.   SWD: Short Way of the Design – is the distance from the middle of the bond on one side to the middle of the bond on the opposite side.
4.   LWD: Long Way of the Design – is the distance across the largest dimension measured at the center.
5.   SWO: Short Way of the Opening – is the width of the opening of the shortest side of the design.  SWO does not include the strand width.
6.   LWO: Long Way of the Opening – is the length of the opening of the longest side of the design.  LWO does not include the strand width.
7.   Open Area: The total area of the design openings divided by the total area of the sheet or roll of expanded metal and is expressed as a percent. 

Expanded Metal for Metal Works:
Woven wire and welded wire can be used for processing of metal works, while expanded metal mesh has its own benefits of using.

Expanded mesh can be fabricated into the designs you want to create a feel or a sense of volume in the space by using expanded metal panels as accent borders, clouds or full ceilings. Expanded mesh is simple and safe for installation.

Expanded mesh can be supplied in many metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium, while carbon steel is one of the most important materials for using. Galvanized carbon steel expanded mesh offers good property against corrosion and rust at economic price

Patterns applied include diamond, square, hexagonal and heavy type.
The panel surface of expanded mesh can be flattened.

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