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Hexagonal Mesh

Galvanized high strength hexagonal mesh with high corrosion resistance can be supplied by WireMesh.Org Members. Double wire twisted both at the top and the bottom of the wire mesh.


Roll length is normally 30m.
Uses: Hexagonal mesh is made into cages for small animals, poultry and grain warehouses, strengthening of cement walls, insulation exterior walls and roofs and other applications.


Hexagonal wire mesh is popular as poultry farms, breeding of pets and protection of crops.

The electro galvanizing further increases firmness of the wire mesh.


Plastic Coated Hexagonal Mesh:

Can be supplied in more wire gauges and mesh openings.
This kind of hexagonal opening mesh is strengthened by plastic coating and it has more lasting life being galvanized and plastic coated.


PVC coated hexagonal mesh is mainly used as decorative protection materials in the gardens and orchards.

It offers absolute humidification resistance as poultry fence and makes efficient and elegant barriers to creepers.

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