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Fine Woven Wire Mesh

Plain weave is the most common pattern and is used for the majority of various applications. The meaning of mesh means the wire quantity per inch. For example, 40 mesh means there are 40 strands of wire running in each direction per square inch. Apart from the Plain weave there are also Double Crimped, Square Mesh Twill, Single Plain Dutch or “Hollander” & Plain Twill.


The main advantages of Fine Woven Stainless Steel Wire Cloth:
Easy to shape
Acid and heat resistance


Above benefits make fine woven wire mesh ideal for filter screens. Several grades of Stainless steel are available for varying conditions.


The galvanised woven wire cloth is the most economically priced metal which is also strong and resistant to abrasion. The processing of galvanizing has rendered it corrosion and rust proof.


Materials: Any metals and alloys that can be woven, like stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy, nickel, etc.

Opening of woven mesh applied includes square, space, diamond, slotted.


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