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Welded Disc Filters for Polymer and Extruder

WireMesh.Org members weave and produce high quality, precise wire cloth processed filter disks, belts and cartridges for synthetic fibre plants and extrusion lines around the world.

Disc filters are extremely clean and precisely dimensioned. When used in critical applications, our products are put through a range of cleaning procedures. This guarantees maximum operational continuity for the user.

Disc filters can be Spot welded wire mesh discs, multi-layer disks, single layer discs, rectangular filters, kidney-shaped filters, and oval filters with and without frames.

Making of fine woven filter cloth with apertures ranging from 55 µm up to 500 µm, we can fabricate discs with almost the same filtration. Special weaving patterns give superior stability and smooth filtration.

We can design and produce filter discs to meet the performance needs of polymer and fiber producers. Screen materials applied for making:

Multiple layers of wire woven cloth spot welded together
Plain steel mesh
Stainless steel wire woven cloth
Other woven cloths in brass, copper, or galvanized steel

Wide variety of weaves for filter wire cloth: Plain, Twill, Dutch
Available ratings range from 2 - 200 microns
Features: Controlled flow rates, pack pressure, and specified filtration levels

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