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We offer :gabions , gabion box,chain link fence, welded wire mesh, Fence,Chicken wire,fiberglass mesh ,screen mesh, barbed wire hexagonal wire netting, and other wire mesh. Let抯 talk !..
E-mail:sales@best-wiremesh.com Mob:+86-18232999888
tying wire, galvanized wire, pvc coated wire,double loop tie wire ,stainless steel wire, stainless steel lashing wire, stainless steel wove wire mesh,aluminum window screen, fiberglass mesh , perforated metal ,hexagonal wire netting, razor wire , hy rib formwork, chain link fence, welded mesh , fence panel ,test sieve, square wire mesh.Get quotation at
A maker well-known for Welded Mesh, Perforated Metal Sheets, Razor Barbed Wire, Stainless Mesh Screen, Expanded Metal, Brass Wire Cloth, Metal Conveyor Belt and Fencing Panel. Get quotation at.
Our major products cover:Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh,Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh,PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh,Black Wire, Welded Wire Mesh,etc
Distributor of expanded metal, coated fiberglass reinforced mesh fabrics, perforated metal, corners beads, rib lath, welded mesh and panels, mostly for building and construction. Send inquiry to.
offers mild steel galvanized wire, soft annealed wire, coil wire, spool wire, redrawing wire and series carbon steel wire mesh. Contact us at.
Yahua mainly offers stainless steel woven wire mesh, brass wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting. Contact us at.
Produces woven wire, welded mesh, expanded metal sheets, galvanized wires for binding and weaving. Also provides machines for wire treatment or mesh making.
We are the factory of anti climb fence, welded gabion box, hesco barrier, chain link fence, airport fence, Euro fence, Double wire fence and all kinds of wire mesh fence. Welcome to email us for more information about our products.
E-mail: sales@wiremesh-fencing.com
We are a big group manufacture of wire mesh .We have our own factory. Our main products: Wire mesh: hexagonal wire mesh, chain link mesh, welded wire mesh, Euro fence, Border Fence, Wire: PVC coated wire, Black annealed wire Barb wire : razor barbed wire, galvanized wire Nail: common nail,roofing nail
E-mail: sales@chemtechwiremesh.com
Our company mainly produces Chain Link Fence, Gabion Box, Crimped Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Welded Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Fence, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Conveyor Belt, Galvanized Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, PVC Coated Wire.
E-mail: sales@adswirefence.com
offers Welded Wire Mesh , Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Square Iron Wire Mesh, Fiberglass Plain Woven Insect Screen , Crimped Wire Mesh,Chain Link Fence . Contact us at.
The company mainly supplies and exports high ribbed formwork, welded wire mesh panels, Reinforcing Construction Mesh, expanded metal sheet, perforated metal. Contact us at.
BWG5# to 38# hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire, black iron wire, U type binding wire, PVC coated iron wire, galvanized barbed wire, razor wire, chain link fence and other wire and wire mesh products. Contact us at.
Hebei Boyang hardware wire mesh products Co., Ltd. is a large producing enterprise, which engaged in manufacturing, new product development, domestic and international trade as well
stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel dutch mesh, stainless steel square mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, aluminum insect screen, welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh panels, chain link fence and so on.
E-mail: info@wiremesh-huacheng.com
ISO certified manufacturer always aiming at providing quality wire mesh series products.We mainly produce and offer STAINLESS STEEL WIRE MESH, WIRE MESH DUTCH WEAVE, INSECT WIRE NETTING, BRASS WIRE CLOTH, WELDED WIRE MESH, HEXAGONAL WIRE NETTING, MILD STEEL WIRE MESH

Gutan is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the line of wire mesh. The main products are: Iron wire mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Fence,Stainless Steel Wire Netting, Brass Wire Netting, Window screen, Iron wire, etc.
Anping MAIXIN Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. - Exporter and Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Shale Shaker Screen, Mesh Filter, Wedge Wire Screen, Perforated Metal and other products. 
our products :wire mesh,chain link fences,welded mesh fencing,temporary fence,mesh fence panels,mesh fence gate and fiberglass mesh etc , We have Over 10 years with original management team, with decades of manufacturing and global marketing experience.Contact us at.
E-mail: sales@wire-meshfence.com.
we mainly produce high quality staninless steel square hole wire mesh, special dutch weave wire mesh, dutch wire mesh, brass wire mesh, redcopper wire mesh, square hole wire mesh, black wire cloth, fence netting etc.

Anping Dongming Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd mainly produce Stainless steel wire mesh,stainless steel Crimped wire mesh,Welded wire mesh, Hexagonal wire mesh, Chain link fence, Razor barbed wire, perforated metal mesh,Mesh Panel and so on

Our products: galvanized wire, black iron wire, pvc coated iron wire, barbed wire, razor barbed wire, big coil wire, steel coils, steel tubes, welding wire, wire mesh disc, welded wire mesh, wire mesh fence, chain link fence, hexagonal wire netting and so on.
Mallas (China) Wire Mesh Manufacturing has been one of the premier weaver and fabricators of wire mesh and miscellaneous wire products in North China. Providing the highest quality wire products including decorative wire mesh, welded mesh, woven wire mesh, fine woven wire cloth in stainless steel, copper, monel alloy and other materials.
HengMi, China manufacturer and exporter of expanded metal mesh of light type diamond holes, heavy type hexagonal holes and decorative hole patterns. Materials we use cover carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloy metals including titanium and nickel, etc.
As a manufacturer, Rhomb produces raised mesh and flatten mesh expanded metal, gratings, screen and metal mesh in a wide range of metal materials. Expanded Metal is made from sheets of solid metal that are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming an opening pattern.
KunLun (China) focuses on welded wire mesh for concrete reinforcement, various reinforcing mesh fabrics, steel bars, concrete reinforcing accessories and materials export. Our reinforcing wire mesh fabrics include welded rib mesh, slab mesh, coil mesh, truss mesh, ladder mesh, reinforcing trench mesh, etc.
CarryGreen Security Fence Co. is a leading company specializing in the design, manufacture and export of security fences and fencing system, employing well-trained and experienced experts in this field. More efficient responses, guaranteed quality fencing products and more quick delivery of goods purchased.
Your one-stop source for China manufacturers of wire mesh, welded wire mesh, welded panels, stainless steel mesh, hardware cloth, reinforcement mesh, architecture mesh, knitted wire mesh, expanded metal, angle bead, rib lath, wedge wire, stitching wire, fencing wire.......Information built since 1998, updated over more than ten years, covering most Chinese local wire mesh manufacturers and exporters.
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we offer:Gabion,Reno mattress,Hexagonal wire mesh,Fence,Perforated sheets,Antiskid walkway,Grip strut,Welded wire mesh,Crimped wire mesh,Chicken fence,etc.We also develop climb netting for construction,decorated sheets for curtain wall,More than ten years running,we have professional goods ,superior service,technical team working for you.My strength is your guarantee!
Email:sales@wiremesh-jdx.com. skype:penglijuan214
The company manufactures all kinds of wire mesh. Main products: Protecting mesh fence for railway, road, airport, prison etc , chain link fence, Welded wire mesh , the protecting of all kinds of machine, gabion box, Hexagonal wire mesh, Breed, Plastic plain wire mesh.
E-mail: sales@wiremesh-global.com
Anping Wanhua Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. is a large enterprise which specialized in manufacturing of weldedwiremesh,welded mesh panels,barbed wire,razor blade wire,gabion box,protection fencing,chain link fence,window scrren, square wire mesh, aluminum mesh,expanded metal mesh and so on.

chain link fence...
Industrial Wire Cloth,
Expanded metal ...
Razor Barbed Wire..
Filter Discs,Filter Belts
Perforated Sheet
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.
Fiberglass Window screening
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